The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast

E.83 The Money Episode: My Story of Struggle to Abundance

April 17, 2020

Welcome back TAE FAM! I felt inspired tonight to sit down and record an episode for you talking about my wholeee journey over the past two years, from financial stress & emotional struggle to abundance, ease and flow, as I move toward a $300,000+ year in my business. 

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Whatever your journey is-- HONOUR IT. You deserve the abundance you're imagining for yourself, and it is absolutely 1000% AVAILABLE TO YOU. In fact, the steps there have already been lined up. Your job is to act on them when they present themselves and trust your intuition above all else, even when it seems scary. 

Thanks for following along on the journey, friends. I have the utmost of appreciation for each and every one of you. <3 

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