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E.95 Human Design & Success in Business with Tianna Grey

E.95 Human Design & Success in Business with Tianna Grey

November 26, 2020

Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! I had the pleasure of speaking with Human Design guide Tianna Grey about all-things Human Design, entrepreneurship, and living according to your specific energetic makeup. This conversation affirmed that the more we can understand ourselves, the more we can get out of our own way, tap into our own unique flow, and allow the universe to deliver our most abundant life as a result. I’m so excited for you to listen to Tianna’s unique take on Human Design and learn tips for your specific type in relation to how you run your business. Enjoy!

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08:37 - Intro to Tianna 

09:26 - Tianna’s career journey 

11:06 - The power of being multi-passionate 

12:33 - Why you should follow your energy and see where it leads you 

14:14 - How Tianna got introduced to Human Design 

15:43 - Finding your Divine purpose in life 

16:57 - How Human Design helped Tianna approach her business as an entrepreneur and how each type has a specific energy to express 

17:47 - Tianna’s acceptance of being a multi-faceted being 

18:40 - The importance of supporting ourselves first and foremost as the business owner 

19:57 - Self awareness to navigate your business journey 

20:57 - Bringing to light the part of ourselves that are so natural to us 

21:50 - The five types in Human Design 

26:00 - How to show up in your business depending on your unique Human Design 

30:18 - Making yourself wrong for not buying into the hustle mentality 

31:45 - Where Human Design comes from 

33:17 - Waiting for the invitation to take action 

34:12 - How Human Design helps you co-create with the universe 

36:17 - Letting go of control and letting money flow in 

36:55 - Why trust is earned and the power of being patient in your process 

38:05 - Getting out of your own way and letting the universe do the heavy lifting 

39:50 - Acknowledging each other’s differences 

42:17 - Outsourcing and practicing the way you think about yourself 

43:37 - The masculine way of marketing 

43:38 - How we’re in a hangover time of heteropatriarchal capitalism and how we’re being asked to shake that up 

45:19 - Personal branding according to Human Design 

46:30 - Trusting your innate wisdom and letting yourself be your own guide 

52:31 - Different types of manifestors 

54:23 - The importance of monthly and quarterly reviews to remove stress 

55:50 - Connecting with Tianna 

E.94 Allowing in More Money By Getting Organized in Your Business with Jane Stoller

E.94 Allowing in More Money By Getting Organized in Your Business with Jane Stoller

November 20, 2020

Welcome back, aligned entrepreneurs! In today’s episode, I interviewed author, YouTuber, and life-biz organizer Jane Stoller, AKA Organized Jane, about the link between getting organized and manifesting abundance.  Jane gets real about her business journey, how she overcame her fears about marketing herself, what mindset practices she uses to stay motivated, and how creating space allows more money to flow in. She opens up about how she juggled writing two books while creating sold-out courses, and why hiring a business coach helped her make quantum leaps in her business. Plus, she also shares some simple tips to help entrepreneurs organize the back-end of their businesses to scale, helping you create even more success with ease and flow. 

Get Jane’s free resource to digitizing your receipts: 

Sign up for Jane’s Business Booster course: 

Visit her website: 

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06:55 - The power of organizing and focusing on your zone of genius 

07:11 - Jane’s career journey and beliefs around what she thought success had to look like 

11:42 - The value of personal and professional experience in creating your offerings 

13:01 - Why it took Jane 10 years to hone her skills and become an expert 

14:20 - How helping others through your purpose creates success 

15:41 - Why hiring a coach gives you the accountability you need 

16:20 - The time it takes to build your proven process 

17:22 - Six steps to getting organized 

19:38 - Creating space to manifest abundance 

20:55 - Financial empowerment through organizing the back-end of your biz 

22:30 - Digitizing your receipts and finding the right accounting software 

25:34 - Cleaning up your finances 

27:10 - The mentality of ‘progress over perfection' and hiring help in your business 

31:00 - Jane’s manifestation mindset practices 

34:10 - Struggles in Jane’s business and how she shows up everyday 

35:05 - Overcoming the fear of being out of her comfort zone and reframing social media use 

39:00 - How she wrote two books while juggling her life as an entrepreneur 

42:13 - The power of writing a book because you want to, not because you think it will make you rich 

43:23- Jane’s biggest successes to date 

45:41 - The quantum leaps in Jane’s business 

48:19 - Why what you charge will encourage people to show up 

52:12 - The power of talking about our income 

54:00 - Giving ourselves permission to play big 

E.93 Reality Is An Illusion: Choosing FAITH Over Fear with Tara Brunet

E.93 Reality Is An Illusion: Choosing FAITH Over Fear with Tara Brunet

November 17, 2020

Apply for Elevate - The Mastermind before TONIGHT at 11:59PM ET: 

Welcome back Aligned Entrepreneurs! Today's episode is a replay from an Instagram live I did earlier today with Tara Brunet, on the necessity of acting from FAITH vs. FEAR and elevating into a state of trust and belief through an understanding of the more 'esoteric' concepts around spirituality, Quantum Physics and manifestation. 

If you enjoy these replays being made available for easy listening on the podcast and would like me to continue, let me know! If you have any questions about Elevate, reach out via Instagram or email me at

E.92 DECIDE & It Will Manifest with Tara Brunet

E.92 DECIDE & It Will Manifest with Tara Brunet

November 13, 2020

Read more & apply for Elevate - The Mastermind at 

Welcome back Aligned Entrepreneurs! I have a special guest today, my friend and fellow manifestation coach Tara Brunet, and we're talking about the power of DECIDING on what you want and then how to go ALL-IN with that decision and watch the Universe move mountains for you as a result. 

Even when it doesn't feel like it, things are working out for you! The more you can take leaps of faith and then watch the Universe work it's magic in the space you've created for it, the more Quantum leaps you'll experience in your business and income as a result. 

Applications for Elevate close next Tuesday night! What would happen in YOUR business in the next 6 months if you truly went all-the-way-in? 

E.91 Six Steps to Elevate Your Income Quickly - MASTERCLASS REPLAY

E.91 Six Steps to Elevate Your Income Quickly - MASTERCLASS REPLAY

November 11, 2020

Welcome back Aligned Entrepreneurs! Today's episode is a replay of the Elevate Masterclass that Tara Brunet and I hosted to launch our brand new, high-level mastermind: ELEVATE. Applications are now open (6 days only)-- you can read more and apply at 

By the end of listening to/participating in the masterclass, you will: 

  • Have elevated into a new financial paradigm; one where earning massive money months feels easy, super doable and really, no big deal 
  • Created a new relationship with money that allows it to flow in in increasing amounts (the scarcity and guilt ends HERE) 
  • DECIDED on the monthly amount you're ready to start earning over the next half a year and beyond, and discovered how to do it in a way that guarantees it'll manifest 
  • Learned why so many business owners and entrepreneurs fail to manifest the money they really want, while making the small shift necessary to ensure you're no longer one of them! 
  • Have learned why having doubt is normal, and how to manifest next-level abundance in your biz despite not being in 100% belief around it 
  • The one thing many business owners DON'T do that's blocking their money from coming in
  • How to collapse time and manifest mega abundance NOW 
    ...and so, so much MORE. 

If you have questions about the Elevate Mastermind please reach out to me at It's time to GO BIGGER, entrepreneurs!

E.90 I Failed.

E.90 I Failed.

November 8, 2020

Welcome back aligned entrepreneurs! Today I'm sharing about a big, fat, FAILURE I experienced in my business last month... which also happened to be my highest earning month-to-date. 

Join Elevate - The Masterclass for free, happening Tuesday-Friday: 

I'm so excited to be sharing SO many big things that have happened in the past month, and exciting things coming up on this podcast in the next few months as well. 

How can you shift your experience of failure and start viewing it instead as the Divine guidance that it is? 

E.89 Success in Business as a Black Woman - Manifestation & White Privilege with Kayon Wilson

E.89 Success in Business as a Black Woman - Manifestation & White Privilege with Kayon Wilson

August 18, 2020

Welcome back Aligned Entrepreneurs! I'm especially excited and honoured today to be welcoming my good friend, successful business owner and entrepreneur, Kayon Wilson. Kayon is a brow artist who has spent quarantine building her online income as a black female business owner, course creator & coach, now helping women from all over the world equip themselves with the skills, strategies & mindset needed to succeed in the brow industry.

Today, Kayon and I discuss the role that race undeniably plays when it comes to manifesting success as an entrepreneur. She brilliantly balances the need for awareness and change within us ALL in order to forward the racial equality movement, with her desire to share her message of limitless potential & manifestation with the black community, so that others may realize THEIR power to create lives they absolutely love. 

Follow Kayon on Instagram at, and check out her website at Be sure to keep an eye out for Kayon's upcoming podcast!

E.88 The BIG Turning Point in my Business: From Struggle to Success A-S-A-P

E.88 The BIG Turning Point in my Business: From Struggle to Success A-S-A-P

August 11, 2020

Welcome back aligned entrepreneurs!! I'm SO excited for today's inspired-idea of an episode, in which I'm sharing the exact moment in time 2 years ago, when things finally 'clicked' into place, and I went from struggling and frustrated, to creating big, life-changing results almost overnight. 

Success in business is an ENERGY game through-and-through, and finding alignment with the results you want (so that you can manifest them!) can be SO much easier than removing every limiting belief/block, constantly monitoring your thoughts, or trying to remain in a state of happiness/belief 24 hours a day. The QUANTUM method of manifestation makes all of that irrelevant. 

Doors for round 2 of Quantum Creators close on FRIDAY at 10PM ET. You can read more and join us at 

E.87 Starving The Ego & Awakening to Truth on The Master Cleanse with Tom Woloshyn

E.87 Starving The Ego & Awakening to Truth on The Master Cleanse with Tom Woloshyn

July 3, 2020

Join the July round of The Complete Master Cleanse online group program: 

Welcome back to another episode entrepreneurs!! This week I had the great pleasure of interviewing Tom Woloshyn; fellow aligned entrepreneur, author of The Complete Master Cleanse, holistic health practitioner and consultant. 

In today's episode Tom and I do a deep-dive into the power of The Master Cleanse in healing not just our bodies, but our minds & spirits as well. We discuss his journey over the past 40 years, sharing this work with people and watching it change lives. If you'd like to join us for the July round and see what breakthroughs and results The Master Cleanse will create for you, click the link above; we begin together July 10th! 

E.86 Faith Over Fear & A Manifestation-Filled YEAR IN REVIEW with Tara Brunet

E.86 Faith Over Fear & A Manifestation-Filled YEAR IN REVIEW with Tara Brunet

June 24, 2020

Mind Magic is OPEN for the July-September round! 

Today Tara and I reflect back on everything that's happened in the last year, the night before she and Trev leave Ontario to move together out West. We talk about the role that taking leaps of faith has played in our lives and the subsequent manifestations that have happened as a result. 

If you're ready to transform your reality by learning to tell a different story, Mind Magic is open until June 30th, and is just $60 to join us for 3 months of game-changing mindset work in less than 10 minutes a day, plus the most supportive community of conscious creators on the internet. <3

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