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E.136 Trusting Your Timing & How Creativity Heals with Marina Billinghurst

E.136 Trusting Your Timing & How Creativity Heals with Marina Billinghurst

September 26, 2021

Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! Today I’m chatting with artist, designer, and author Marina Billinghurst. Marina’s entrepreneurial journey began after she moved to NYC at 18 to pursue fashion. She worked in the industry for almost two decades until a tragic accident changed her whole life. She healed by picking up her paintbrush and painting her way through pain, sadness and despair. In this episode, Marina opens up about how creativity heals, her journey from working in fashion to starting her own business, and freeing herself from past trauma to live a life she loves. Enjoy!




04:10 - Intro to Marina.

04:52 - How Marina’s accident shifted her perspective on life.

06:10 - Marina’s past experience in fashion.

07:20 - Marina’s paradigm shift and her second chance at life.

08:31 - How Marina’s first business failed.

09:27 - The importance of trusting the timing of life.

12:34 - The vulnerability of art.

15:55 - Marina’s experience with a release ceremony and losing her pregnancy.

17:48 - How painting helped Marina heal from her accident.

20:23 - Learning to love our inner voice. 

21:20 - How Marina learned about herself by writing her biography.

23:45 - Lauren’s experience teaching art to special needs kids. 

26:47 - How clearing trauma lets us be free. 

30:00 - Accepting where we’re at. 

34:27 - Marina’s process of trusting people in her business.

38:25 - Marina’s experience meeting Organized Jane. 

44:02 - The power of passion in making sales. 

48:06 - Leaving a legacy.

50:23 - The power of letting go of control.


Connect with Marina:


Instagram: @artofmarina



Buy her book: 


The Nine Magical Butterflies: A Creative Journey To Transformation


Connect with Organized Jane


Instagram: @organizedjane



E.135 How to be a Creative Channel in Your Business with Emily Thompson

E.135 How to be a Creative Channel in Your Business with Emily Thompson

September 17, 2021

Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! Today I was joined by the amazing Emily Thompson, co-founder and host of Being Boss, a resource, podcast, and community for creative entrepreneurs, and founder and CEO of Almanac Supply Co., a retail brand that makes and curates products that help people connect with nature. For over a decade Emily has worked closely with creatives to help them make money doing work they love, with a focus on building online business models and growing creative businesses. We spoke about what it means to be a ‘boss,’ how she grew her podcast, how to be a clear conduit for creativity to flow through you, and how you can manifest what you want by tapping into your feelings. She also opens up about how she dealt with burnout and the challenges and wins of running two businesses. Enjoy!


Connect with Emily:


Being Boss Instagram: @beingbossclub

Being Boss website:

Almanac Supply Co Instagram: @almanacsupplyco

Almanac Supply Co website:




03:49 - Intro to Emily. 

05:50 - Emily’s experience building two businesses.

07:41 - What spurred Emily to create a tangible, product-based business with simple transactions.

09:47 - The start of Emily’s entrepreneurial journey.

12:14 - How Emily became entrenched in online business.

14:02 - The power of allowing for your unique unfolding.

14:20 - What it means to be a ‘boss.’

16:58 - The balance of doing and being.

17:39 - The Being Boss business model.

19:20 - How the Being Boss podcast grew.

23:12 - Emily’s ‘Big Magic’ moments.

25:00 - Emily’s creative process.

26:30 - The ’busyness’ trap.

27:07 - How to be a clear conduit for your business.

28:40 - Emily’s experience with burnout and giving herself space.

29:55 - The process of being patient in business.

32:25 - The power of releasing expectations.

35:07 - Emily’s experience with synchronicity and magic.

38:00 - Finding the spiritual practices that work for you. 

43:15 - Emily’s manifestation process.

49:24 - How Emily handles running two businesses.

54:35 - How Emily builds a team.

57:49 - Emily’s recent wins.

E.134 Cycle Syncing for Entrepreneurs & How to Land a Book Deal with Jenna Radomski

E.134 Cycle Syncing for Entrepreneurs & How to Land a Book Deal with Jenna Radomski

September 10, 2021

Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! Today I spoke with Jenna Radomski, holistic nutritionist, co-author of Moon Cycle Cookbook, and owner of Jenna Bee Basics. We speak about the power of intuitive eating, how to sync with our cycles, and how to give ourselves permission to feel and eat what we want. Jenna also speaks about the process of co-authoring a book, landing a book deal with Storey Publishing, and creating her first online course to help women learn about their menstrual cycles and take better care of their mind-body health. I hope this podcast provides some much-needed permission to be exactly where you are! Enjoy. 



02:30 - Intro to Jenna.

08:30 - The power of intuition when it comes to health.

08:55 - Jenna’s start in entrepreneurship.

11:17 - The philosophy of Moon Cycle Bakery.

14:04 - How it does a disservice to us to deprive ourselves of what we truly want.

15:20 - Surrendering to the universe and letting answers arrive from within.

16:58 - The importance of getting in tune with our menstrual cycles.

18:27 - Jenna’s menstrual journey growing up.

21:07 - Letting go of the need to control our emotions.

21:44 - How our cycle mirrors the seasons of the year.

22:30 - What cycle syncing is and the power of tracking it.

23:55 - Planning business around our cycles.

24:52 - Jenna’s process of co-authoring the Moon Cycle Bakery.

27:16 - How the book deal happened and what it was like working with an agent.

28:02 - What it’s been like working with a publisher. 

31:00 - Advice for people wanting to write and publish a book.

32:23 - Jenna’s experience in co-creating an online course.

34:48 - Jenna’s self-care practices. 

36:35 - Social media and boundaries.

40:49 - Self-comparison, unfollowing, and cheering people on from afar.

42:53 - The importance of protecting your energy.

44:38 - Intuitive eating.


Pre-order the Moon Cycle Bakery cookbook: 


Connect with Jenna:

Instagram: @jennabeebasics


E.133 How a Viral TikTok Video Turned into a 6-Figure Monthly Income with Kat Norton

E.133 How a Viral TikTok Video Turned into a 6-Figure Monthly Income with Kat Norton

September 2, 2021

Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! I had one of the highest-vibe conversations yet with Kat Norton, AKA ‘Miss Excel.’ In June 2020, Kat made a TikTok video to give people Excel tips. Little did she know that her videos would go viral and eventually turn into a full-fledged, soon-to-be 7-figure business. Today, she makes six-figures a month and credits her success to the inner work she’s done. In this episode, she speaks about growing up with an anxiety disorder, the time she spent in the corporate world, and how when she started to look inwards and shed her conditioning, her whole life changed. I hope this episode helps you see that any results that your desire are possible if you align with what you want. Enjoy!


Connect with Kat Norton:






01:30 - Intro to Kat Norton.

06:12 - How Kat created her business in March 2020.

07:26 - How Kat slowed down during the pandemic and reflected on what she wanted. 

07:53 - How Kat turned her side hustle into her full-time job.

09:18 - Kat’s experience posting her first TikTok video.

11:15 - When Kat’s fourth video hit 100,000 views.

12:08 - The opportunities that arose from TikTok.

13:22 - Gaining 100,000 TikTok followers in a month.

14:21 - Kat’s experience growing up with an anxiety disorder.

16:43 - When Kat began her Instagram account.

17:10 - When Microsoft slid into Kat’s DMs.

20:04 - When Kat quit her day job.

20:38 - Getting clear on her intuition.

21:20 - Calling in press & inbound leads.

23:16 - Why Kat is passionate about Excel.

24:00 - How Kat started learning Excel.

27:24 - Why freedom is Kat’s motivator.

29:38 - Collaboration over competition.

31:37 - Kat’s experience with energy work.

32:09 - Shedding conditioning.

33:44 - Manifesting from feeling.

38:05 - Doing the inner work before she started her business.

40:46 - Kat’s business model.

43:57 - Kat’s future goals.

46:42 - How Kat separates masculine and feminine energy.

49:42 - Kat’s go-to mindset and manifestation practices.

E.132 Only YOU Can Know What You Need (To Be Successful)

E.132 Only YOU Can Know What You Need (To Be Successful)

August 25, 2021

Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! Read about The Academy here: For those who sign up before August 30th at 10PM ET, get up to 3 months of personalized Voxer support and business coaching from me.

Today I wanted to break the cycle of coaches telling business owners what they "must/must not do" in order to be successful, selling from a place of lack and fear. In reality, YOU are the only one who can truly feel what's best for you and your business, and the direction you're being led in on your path to your next-level of success. I love teaching strategy (and there's a ton of it inside The Academy), BUT within a broader understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all, and I'm not here to create more doubt for you. I'm here to empower you to trust your SELF, and to trust what feels good to you as the business owner, while equipping you with the third-dimensional tools & customizable strategies that will enable you to create the results you deserve. 

Questions about The Academy? Message me on instagram @laurencsaunders!


01:54 - How you’re choosing to navigate your time.

05:03 - About The Academy.

08:31 - Entrepreneurial doubt.

10:16 - Why your beliefs dictate your results.

10:38 - The importance of listening to what feels good intuitively.

11:41 - Why your marketing strategy needs to feel good for you.

16:29 - The hardships of this last year.

17:09 - Why people are deciding to create more freedom for themselves.

18:18 - The importance of trusting our intuition.

20:47 - Why there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing.

21:46 - Why business should fit your own unique life and desires.

24:07 - Why only you know what you need.

25:38 - Why the right clients find you.

28:32 - Why you need to trust your intuition rather than the part of you that’s acting from fear.


E.131 Breaking Down to Break Through: An Artist’s Unconventional Journey to Wealth with Tori Swanson

E.131 Breaking Down to Break Through: An Artist’s Unconventional Journey to Wealth with Tori Swanson

August 21, 2021

Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! In this episode, I spoke with artist Tori Swanson for one of my most inspiring conversations yet. She shared her journey to becoming an internationally-renowned artist, her past struggles with an eating disorder, how art became part of the way she healed herself, and how she manifested wealth as a creative. Together, we talked about the importance of breaking down to break through and why feeling our emotions is vital to the manifestation process. Plus, Tori shares how and why it’s so vital that women step into their power and own their creativity. Enjoy!

Connect with Tori:

Instagram: @toriswansonart



04:00 - Intro to Tori.

05:10 - How our creativity is our access point to abundance.

06:53 - How artwork is a service.

08:22 - Tori’s past working at a tech company and knowing when it was time to quit.

09:18 - How Tori coaches artists.

11:14 - The importance of embracing resistance.

14:15 - Why breaking down is part of the manifestation process.

14:58 - How when we delve into our emotions, they get quieter. 

15:32 - Tori’s process of integrating her emotions.

16:42 - How self-acceptance is the path to wealth.

17:26 - The importance of remembering who you are and your birthright.

19:09 - Authentic creativity.

21:47 - How art is simply a snapshot in time.

25:05 - Why your art is already perfect.

27:07 - The importance of respecting your own artwork. 

28:43 - Why artists need to be seen.

30:24 - How to trust our own creativity and artwork. 

34:19 - Tori’s history with an eating disorder and comparison.

36:00 - How Tori began selling her art.

37:01 - Tori’s experience seeing spirits.

40:11 - How Tori picks up her spiritual toolkit when she needs it, not to help her get somewhere. 

42:35 - How we have to ‘be’ to receive.

44:51 - Remembering that we’re a creator of our lives. 

47:10 - The trap of playing the victim card and not owning our creations.

49:14 - Why we need to stop being so hard on ourselves.

55:21 - Tori’s future goals.

E.130 Alignment, Embodiment, and Creating Your Own Markers of Success with Amy Pamensky

E.130 Alignment, Embodiment, and Creating Your Own Markers of Success with Amy Pamensky

August 16, 2021

Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! I’m so excited to share one of my most aligned episodes yet with intuitive mindset coach Amy Pamensky. In this conversation, we dive deep into all things alignment, embodiment, and creating our own markers of success. Amy gives practical tips for getting back into alignment, and shares her take on how even when we’re not in alignment, we’re on our way back to it. She shares her experience with embodiment, and talks to us about why it’s so important to integrate emotions through breath, movement, and sound. Finally, we speak about how we can go from measuring our success by our business metrics to other areas of our lives that bring us joy. Enjoy!





04:55 - Intro to Amy.

07:00 - Self-identity and results in business.

08:30 - The foundational pieces of showing up as our best selves.

09:28 - How Amy entered the coaching world.

11:53 - Living a life that Amy fell into by default.

12:24 - Going through a divorce at age 27.

13:14 - Reaching multiple six-figure years and still feeling unfulfilled.

15:04 - Amy’s definition of alignment.

19:00 - Emotional alchemy.

21:24 - Seeing anxiety as a messenger.

24:35 - Daily alignment practices and the importance of a morning routine.

26:53 - The importance of taking breaks and shifting energetic states.

28:43 - Making business feel easy by not forcing anything.

32:00 - Worthiness and business metrics.

32:52 - Creating your own measures of success.

37:07 - Why business is an ongoing personal development journey.

39:35 - The new feminine way of operating in the world.

43:00 - The long term gain of podcasting.

46:53 - What embodiment means for Amy.

51:06 - The power of being in the body.

53:00 - Amy’s practice of scripting.

E.129 The Reality of DISCIPLINE When Manifesting [Challenge = Change]

E.129 The Reality of DISCIPLINE When Manifesting [Challenge = Change]

July 28, 2021

Join the Mind Marathon: 

Welcome back Aligned Entrepreneurs! Today I'm joined by my friend and business partner Tara Brunet, to discuss the importance of COMMITMENT when it comes to manifesting. We tell our stories of challenges we've faced on our journeys, and the commitments to the mindset & energy work we've made in order to create our biggest desires. 

Earlier this week we launched the Mind Marathon - a 21-day manifestation bootcamp and total energy overhaul. Doors close Friday! Click the link above to join us. 

E.128 Scaling Your Business & Intuitive Branding with Miranda Grigor

E.128 Scaling Your Business & Intuitive Branding with Miranda Grigor

July 26, 2021

Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! Today I’m speaking with Miranda Grigor, graphic designer & owner of Moonstone Creative, a design studio for modern wellness brands and creative business owners. In this episode, Miranda shares her journey from freelance designer to founder of her own company. She speaks to the importance of getting clear on your business’ messaging, how to improve your branding, and tips for scaling your business. She also shares how she shifts from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, and why getting to know what makes you and your business unique can be your catalyst to success. Enjoy!


Connect with Miranda:







05:28 - Miranda’s career journey and how she got into branding.

06:29 - Miranda’s perspective on branding.

08:30 - Gaining clarity to create content.

11:00 - The importance of both energy and strategy in business.

12:56 - Miranda’s transition from freelancing to owning a design studio.

16:20 - The misconceptions of scaling a business.

17:44 - Divine timing and alignment in business.

19:66 - Putting in the work behind your intention.

21:12 - Scarcity and hustle.

22:08 - Getting sucked into the ‘not good enough’ narrative.

24:37 - How Miranda thought of the name for her studio.

25:26 - The power of letting the process of branding be intuitive.

34:00 - Tips for rebranding.

37:29 - The power of getting support and investing in yourself.

38:46 - The beauty of imperfection.

41:45 - Uncovering areas in your business that aren’t serving you.

43:00 - Tips for entrepreneurs to improve their branding.

44:07 - How to work with Miranda.

E.127 Being Vs. Doing - How Less Effort Leads to Bigger Results

E.127 Being Vs. Doing - How Less Effort Leads to Bigger Results

July 15, 2021

Sign up for the Luminary Alliance:


Welcome back, Aligned Entrepreneurs! I’m so excited to share this episode that was recorded at my most recent training. I speak all about my career journey and compare the growth between my two businesses, one of which was built from a state of being and the other that was built from a state of doing. I also share my thoughts on how success is 100% an internal job, how your self-image and identity is what’s manifesting into your current reality, and how in order to change your results, you have to change your perception of yourself. Enjoy!




05:44 - How the specific actions you take are not what leads to results.

06:00 - My career journey.

08:57 - The energetics of success.

10:00 - How success isn’t about what you’re doing, it’s about who you’re being.

11:42 - How success is 100% internal.

15:03 - Doing vs. being.

17:55 - Your way of being is what you expect naturally.

18:57 - Being is effortless, whereas doing is a ‘trying’ energy.

19:58 - Where there is trying behind your doing means it’s not a part of who you are being.

20:51 - My experience creating my lash business.

24:58 - My experience creating my coaching business.

28:56 - How I had to build my way of being in my second business.

30:56 - My fears that came up while building my second business.

34:14 - How if you’re not where you want to be, you have to determine what you’re expecting.

38:00 - My experience with teaching Luminary.

40:30 - How to shift your belief systems.

41:50 - The importance of our relationship with ourselves.

45:26 - How your self-image and self-identity is what’s manifesting.

48:48 - About my upcoming program, Luminary Alliance.

49:40 - To change your results, you have to change who you think you are.

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