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E.175 Body-led manifesting + breaking mental loops [Luminary Livestream]

E.175 Body-led manifesting + breaking mental loops [Luminary Livestream]

May 20, 2022

Hello Luminaries! I didn't post day #3 as a podcast episode episode as the audio was awful unfortunately, however if you'd like to catch it's inside the Luminary Livestream facebook group. Today for Day 4 we dove into 3 incredibly important topics when it comes to up-levelling your identity and aligning yourself with your desires: seeing yourself as the SOURCE of all things in your life, body-led manifestation and mental/emotional reprogramming. Enjoy!

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E.174 Doubt & Fear Debunked + Why Mindset Work Isn’t The Answer [Luminary Day 2]

E.174 Doubt & Fear Debunked + Why Mindset Work Isn’t The Answer [Luminary Day 2]

May 18, 2022

Welcome back Luminaries! Today I'm sharing the Day 2 replay of the Luminary Livestream. Here's the truth: if someone had shared with me a few years ago what I'm going to reveal today inside Day 2 of the Luminary Livestream, it would have completely changed my approach to/results from my manifestation practice.

Today, I'm diving into 3 huge topics:
  1. The Biology of Belief
  2. Accessing Unconditional Alignment
  3. The Science Behind Emotional Unattachment
Here's the thing-- you think the doubt, fear or uncertainty that keeps you questioning/accessing your true power is your fault, or something you somehow choose on a moment-by-moment basis.

I'm here to tell you that, it isn't. And it's not something that's easily or effectively remedied with mindset work, either. There's a MUCH easier and more effective way, and it comes with an understanding of how the brain and body operate in tandem with one another to actually keep you FROM all the thing you want most.

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E.173 The Luminary Livestream Day 1 Replay

E.173 The Luminary Livestream Day 1 Replay

May 17, 2022

Hello Luminaries! (And Aligned Entrepreneurs). Today I wanted to share the Day 1 replay of the Luminary Livestream: The Creative Power of the Luminary YOU. Click below to join us for the rest of the livestream series, read more about Luminary the 8-week coaching program, or claim one of the spots inside my 3-month business mastermind, Free. 

E.172 Why Feeling Powerful Unlocks Everything (and how to do it)

E.172 Why Feeling Powerful Unlocks Everything (and how to do it)

May 9, 2022

Join the Luminary Livestream: 

Welcome back!! Today I'm SO excited to be announcing the next round of my free training, the Luminary Livestream: 4-days to unlock your personal power and use it to create your next-level reality in life and/or business. 

New to this year's updated training, is an invitation for any and all creators to join, whether you're a business owner or not. Luminary is all about accessing the identity of powerful creator in your life and/or business, in order to call forth your desired outcomes and manifest abundance with ease. It's free to join and will be a truly illuminating four days.

Over our time together, you will:

  • Learn how to radiate the energetic essence of the outcomes you desire most in your life, by transforming your self image and the beliefs you hold about what you're capable of
  • Master the art of unattachment and the energy of receiving through simple but life-changing nervous system work
  • Squash imposter syndrome and not enough-ness for good, swapping self doubt for the self trust, belief and power needed to manifest any desire you have
  • The science behind 'holding the vibe' and how to actually access your ability to do it in order to remain an open avenue for your desires to manifest
  • The subconscious and body-led approach to manifestation that's based in and built upon an understanding of human biology (no more emotional bypassing or failed attempts at having 'unwavering' faith')
  • Learn the little-known key to deep, emotional freedom from your fear of rejection or need for external validation
  • Become your most confident, powerful, Luminary self, and manifest a life that reflects it

You can also book a 1:1 coaching call via the enrolment page as a special, limited-time upgrade. Head to to save your seat. 

E.171 How to get profitably specific within a broad course niche [Client Call]

E.171 How to get profitably specific within a broad course niche [Client Call]

April 25, 2022

"The riches are in the niches" -- is a saying I've truly come to believe in when it comes to creating courses and coaching programs that speak to the specific desires of your dream participants. BUT, how do we do this inside of a very broad coaching niche, and in a way that leaves us in our power and authority? In today's client call episode I sat down with Brayden Laflamme to look at what was missing from past launches, and how to design a new offer from the ground-up that would not only be highly desirable to those in his audience, but also allow him to embody authority and confidence as we promotes his offer and manifest the right people into it as a result. Enjoy!

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E.170 Energy Work for Starting Your Biz [Client Call]

E.170 Energy Work for Starting Your Biz [Client Call]

April 22, 2022

When getting ready to start your business, a lot can come up. Today I'm sharing a client call I had with Sara, a breathwork practitioner in-training who's gearing up to start taking action towards building the foundation of her business. We talked about regulating the nervous system and writing the emotional programming in the body that supports the way of 'being' needed to create your 6-figure business. Enjoy!

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E.169 The science behind ”holding the vibe”

E.169 The science behind ”holding the vibe”

April 20, 2022

Three little words.⁣ An incredibly powerful manifestation practice... when you can actually pull it off (especially during a launch or any promotional period in your business). 

But there’s a very real reason that most people struggle to.⁣ In today's episode I'm breaking down the real reason why it's actually next to impossible to think your way out of an emotional spiral that's sabotaging your ability to remain energetically committed to your desired results, and the subconscious-level and nervous system-informed method of teaching your brain and body how to stop sabotaging so you can 'hold the vibe of' and call in those who truly need your work. 

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E.168 Your BODY Knows The Way [path of least resistance explained]

E.168 Your BODY Knows The Way [path of least resistance explained]

April 19, 2022

We often hear "follow the path of least resistance" when it comes to manifesting in our lives and businesses, but what does this actually mean and how can we know whether or not we're following that path? 

In today's episode I offer a different way of accessing YOUR path of least resistance or "bridge of incidents" that'll allow you to Quantum-leap your income by allowing your BODY to lead the way and move towards what feels safe (aka not threatening to the nervous system, leaving you in your alignment with what you want and in your power to actually create/receive it). Enjoy! 

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E.167 Do we have ’mindset’ all wrong?

E.167 Do we have ’mindset’ all wrong?

April 18, 2022

Do we have 'mindset work' all wrong? What if we've been taught to approach our manifestations in a way that isn't backed by what science is now showing us about the role the BODY plays in dictating the thoughts we think? 

In today's episode, I'm flipping the switch on traditional manifestation methods that teach a head-forward approach, and am sharing why and how I've been practicing my manifestation practices through the body and specifically, the nervous system instead (and what all this means about building a successful business). 

Let me know what you think of the new intro! 

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E.166 Turning an Idea into a Sell-Out Course [Client Call]

E.166 Turning an Idea into a Sell-Out Course [Client Call]

April 14, 2022

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Welcome back Aligned Entrepreneurs! In today's episode I'm jumping on a coaching call with Melissa Ratti, a transformational coach and hypnotherapist working mainly with female coaches, business owners and freelancers. On today's call, we take her all the way from general course idea, to a truly aligned, truly Quantum course/group coaching program that she has total conviction behind, while outlining an audience growth-strategy that'll allow her to draw the right people into her audience ahead of launching her program. Enjoy!


Connect with Melissa: @melissazratti, 

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