The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast

E.89 Success in Business as a Black Woman - Manifestation & White Privilege with Kayon Wilson

August 18, 2020

Welcome back Aligned Entrepreneurs! I'm especially excited and honoured today to be welcoming my good friend, successful business owner and entrepreneur, Kayon Wilson. Kayon is a brow artist who has spent quarantine building her online income as a black female business owner, course creator & coach, now helping women from all over the world equip themselves with the skills, strategies & mindset needed to succeed in the brow industry.

Today, Kayon and I discuss the role that race undeniably plays when it comes to manifesting success as an entrepreneur. She brilliantly balances the need for awareness and change within us ALL in order to forward the racial equality movement, with her desire to share her message of limitless potential & manifestation with the black community, so that others may realize THEIR power to create lives they absolutely love. 

Follow Kayon on Instagram at, and check out her website at Be sure to keep an eye out for Kayon's upcoming podcast!

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