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E.80 Manifesting During COVID-19 with Tara Brunet

March 27, 2020

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Today fellow mindset coach Tara Brunet and I are talking about manifestation during uncertain times, and more specifically, during the COVID-19 pandemic. We give our top tips for manifesting abundance regardless of outside circumstances, and how the STORIES we're telling about our lives during this unprecedented time are ultimately determining what we're experiencing and also, what we're simultaneously drawing to us. 

YOU have the power to choose any story, and manifest any reality, regardless of the many, many reasons there are that it may be seemingly "unrealistic" at this point in time. Manifestation still works, and the Universe is still responding to your vibrational set-point. It's up to YOU to get yours in check. ;) In Mind Magic, we provide a simple yet crazy effective way to help you do just that. 

Stay safe, healthy & happy friends! <3

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