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E.172 Why Feeling Powerful Unlocks Everything (and how to do it)

May 9, 2022

Join the Luminary Livestream: 

Welcome back!! Today I'm SO excited to be announcing the next round of my free training, the Luminary Livestream: 4-days to unlock your personal power and use it to create your next-level reality in life and/or business. 

New to this year's updated training, is an invitation for any and all creators to join, whether you're a business owner or not. Luminary is all about accessing the identity of powerful creator in your life and/or business, in order to call forth your desired outcomes and manifest abundance with ease. It's free to join and will be a truly illuminating four days.

Over our time together, you will:

  • Learn how to radiate the energetic essence of the outcomes you desire most in your life, by transforming your self image and the beliefs you hold about what you're capable of
  • Master the art of unattachment and the energy of receiving through simple but life-changing nervous system work
  • Squash imposter syndrome and not enough-ness for good, swapping self doubt for the self trust, belief and power needed to manifest any desire you have
  • The science behind 'holding the vibe' and how to actually access your ability to do it in order to remain an open avenue for your desires to manifest
  • The subconscious and body-led approach to manifestation that's based in and built upon an understanding of human biology (no more emotional bypassing or failed attempts at having 'unwavering' faith')
  • Learn the little-known key to deep, emotional freedom from your fear of rejection or need for external validation
  • Become your most confident, powerful, Luminary self, and manifest a life that reflects it

You can also book a 1:1 coaching call via the enrolment page as a special, limited-time upgrade. Head to to save your seat. 

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